24-25 september 2022


If you haven’t planned your vacation days yet or you want to escape for a weekend in the mountains, Colibita Lake is the place that offers you everything. It is not for nothing that it is called the “mountain sea.” It is an experience from which you return with your lungs full of oxygen and with your eyes delighted by the landscapes that are imprinted on your retina.

We want to overcome the barrier of everyday comfort, to embrace the simplicity and depth of life, to relax and socialize. It’s not about competition, the military or the adrenaline rush, it’s about friends, family, peace and good cheer.

Gather your gang and let’s discover Colibita Lake from the kayak!


The price is 300 lei / person and includes:

  • Comfortable kayaks of superior quality with one or two seats
  • Light and easy to handle paddles
  • Water spraydeck to prevent water from entering into the kayak
  • Ergonomic life jackets
  • Qualified water sports personnel


  • Appropriate clothing depending on weather conditions
  • Hat or any head protection
  • Protective gloves (similar to bicycle gloves)
  • Shorts or long pants
  • Water shoes
  • Changing clothes
  • At least 2 liters of water
  • A sandwich or snack

To reserve your place in the kayak, mention the number of people and the type of kayak chosen (one or two people).

After confirming the places available by the organizer, an advance of 50% of the trip price is paid. The difference will be paid on the day of the trip.

Payment is made to the bank account received by e-mail, and proof of payment is sent by e-mail. The reservation is confirmed only after confirmation of payment.


ATTENTION! The organizers reserve the right to postpone the date of the trip in case of unfavorable weather conditions. A possible program change will be announced 3 days before the scheduled date. Reprogramming is done by mutual agreement.


For groups of more than 10 people please contact us

0726 432 863


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