Yes. Kayaks are like the personality types of people: many and varied. For some, kayaking means peace, quiet and recovery. For others, adventure and excitement outside of everyday life. The lap kayak is longer, faster and is designed for straight-line travel. The tour kayak operates at sea, where it is important to cover long distances efficiently.

The tour kayak is a very efficient boat. On average, a kayaker can maintain a speed of 6 km / h. A powerful kayak can maintain a cruising speed of 8 km / h, depending on the design of the kayak. Other factors that influence the speed of a kayak are: the strength and endurance of the kayaker and the weather conditions.

Both river and tour kayaks are suitable for difficult water conditions. Many models have low primary stability, but as you gain speed, the secondary stability increases surprisingly. This means that a boat that tilts slightly (low primary stability) reaches a point where its resistance to overturning is high (high secondary stability). The ability to tilt the hull (the part below the waterline) is of considerable importance when there are waves. If we know how to manage our body’s inclination, we feel as if we were standing on a solid stone.

The spraydeck is used to prevent water from entering into the kayak. The spraydeck can be easily removed by pulling the sewn-on handle. Once this is done, the possibility of locking in the kayak decreases considerably. Experienced kayakers have the opposite problem: finding water skirts that do not come off, for example, during an eskimo roll (the technique of putting a kayak upside down in the water by the movements of the body and paddle).

It depends on the kayak model. In general, all tour kayaks have enough space to accommodate your camping gear, food and drinks. We can say for sure that more things go in the compartments of a kayak than in the backpack of a hiker. It is definitely a good idea to store your luggage in small or medium-sized airtight bags rather than using a single large bag.

If you want to row safely, but also to acquire an effective technique in this regard, then the answer is yes. At Excursii din Caiac you will have a short training at the beginning of the tour. Being safe on the water will allow you to have more fun and share your experience with others.