This document is created for informational purposes, to establish the terms and conditions of use of the site, the privacy policy, terms that must be respected by both parties. Access to information and services will be made through the website. The website is the property of the “ACVATIC PERFORMER” SPORTS CLUB CLUJ – NAPOCA with its registered office in Cluj-Napoca, Calea Turzii street, no. 162-168A, registered at the Trade Register Office under Fiscal Code no. 35696577, hereinafter referred to as ExcursiiDinCaiac . Any use of the site and its contents other than those already permitted by this document is prohibited and will be punished in accordance with applicable law.


When using the website, the personal data you provide will be: NAME, SURNAME, E-MAIL ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER, with the possibility of requesting other information that you will provide fully aware of this privacy policy, giving your consent to their processing.


The personal data that you provide when you use the site, will be processed for:

  • The contract between the parties, respectively you and the SPORTS CLUB “ACVATIC PERFORMER” CLUJ – NAPOCA.
  • For the “ACVATIC PERFORMER” SPORTS CLUB CLUJ – NAPOCA to meet every requirement of the law for the provision of services through the platform and the fiscal requirements.
  • For marketing campaigns carried out through online or sms means, these aiming only at communicating information about the profile of the site.
  • For this purpose you have the right to accept / refuse this way of processing the data, the provision of which is voluntary.
  • To resolve any complaints received from you
  • To improve your experience on the platform.
  • Conducting surveys that can help a better and more efficient use of the site.

The data you enter in the forms on the site must be exactly your personal data, not that of third parties, and this must be correct.


ACVATIC PERFORMER SPORTS CLUB CLUJ – NAPOCA reserves the right, after your consent to the processing of personal data, to be used for the purposes mentioned above in this document, for as long as it deems necessary. If you do not wish your data to be processed, even if you have previously given your consent, please contact us at the e-mail address:


In order to be able to process your data for the proposed purposes and not for other immoral or illicit purposes, they will not be disclosed to the partner CLUBUL SPORTIV „ACVATIC PERFORMER” CLUJ – NAPOCA.

By using the website, you agree to this privacy policy, and you will not subsequently have the right to complain about these actions.


When you use the website, you accept this document which describes the privacy policy regarding the collection, storage, processing and processing of your personal data. At any time you wish, you can refuse to collect and process them, requesting: delete the data collected, stop processing them.


„ACVATIC PERFORMER” SPORTS CLUB CLUJ – NAPOCA offers the user the rights recognized by the Romanian Law regarding the collection and processing of his personal data. In accordance with the General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data, you are offered the following rights:

  • Access to personal data;
  • Possibility to modify personal data;
  • Possibility of requesting the deletion of personal data from the database.


This document is governed by and construed in accordance with Romanian law. Any problems that arise while using the site will be resolved amicably, and if this is impossible, it will be appealed to the competent courts. This document provides the necessary information regarding the collection and processing of your personal data. If there are any questions, queries or any other types of requests, please write to us at the e-mail address: