Kayaking is a relaxing activity that gives you unforgettable views of lakes and rivers. Rowing, you see places that you can only reach by water, and this at a good pace for the admired and with a relatively small effort. It is a pleasant sport, with unique images and moments, but accessible to everyone, because it does not require who knows what physical condition. At the beginning of May, when the temperatures were starting to rise significantly, I missed rowing. I wanted to go kayaking, in the cool morning, on the lakes near Cluj. Although we have our own inflatable kayak, I was eager to see how the new rigid kayaks, bought by Alex, behave on the water. I wanted to try them as soon as possible. I also wrote about Alex on the recommendations and ideas page . It had been months since we had physically met with our colleagues. I had never seen the newest ones in person. In addition to the pandemic, we had been out of the country for some time, so we only saw each other online. One great thing about Alex’s kayak trips is that you can go with more friends. As there are a few people in our team who are passionate about adventure and outdoor activities, the idea arose to see us on a kayak trip. We found a weekend where we would all be in Cluj, we talked to Alex, he would be available too, and we decided that we would go to  Lake Tarnita for a start .

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